[updated 2023] I'm now an *Associate* Professor of Mathematics at Queens College in New York City. That called for some downtime to setup a new web server (which now also serves my gradesly.com website to save me a whopping $24/mo). Upgrading to Ruby 3.2 and Rails 7 was a nightmare. So I gave myself a cooler photo as consolation.
My Ph.D. and Masters is in Statistics. My doctoral thesis and current research program concentrates on improving the design of randomized experiments. We recently proved Fisher's blocking designs are optimal nearly 100yr after Fisher published it (see here).
Before graduate school, I was a software engineer building web applications. I still use these skills to run social science experiments and I'm interested in investigating racism and other types of discrimination (e.g. see here). My undergrad was in mathematics & computational science at Stanford.
I have a special love for teaching and mentoring. I helped to create and now administer the undergrad DSS concentration and my alumni have gone on to careers at Wells Fargo, NASA, various tech startups, consulting firms, data analysis firms, actuarial firms as well as PhD programs at NYU and Columbia.
I can't maintain all the pages of this website, so most of their information are all contained in my CV. For a printable PDF, click here. My github is here.
I've published in a variety of fields. My interests loosely are statistical learning / machine learning, improving the design of randomized experiments, crowdsourcing, and biomedical applications.

For a list of my publications, see my CV by clicking here. For my citations, visit my Google Scholar page.
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